osmium relaxer straightening nutrahair smoothing

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osmium flex nutrahair straightening

Versatile products for effective straightening.

  • Protector Cream: Condition and protect hair, scalp and skin before relaxation.
  • Indicator Shampoo: soft cleansing, with the cationic and polymeric agents that form a protection film over hair providing shine and softness.
  • Neutralizer & Moisturizer Cream: multifunctional, with bio-based emollients to hydrate and neutralize hair after relaxation.
  • SOS Advanced: instantaneous reconstructive treatment for adverse situations of hair fiber rubbering.

Frequent Questions

Is it possible to dismiss the use of the line Osmium Flex during the straightening? No. All items of the set are essential for the final result.

The hair got rubbery during the relaxation process. How should I proceed? Rubbering occurs when the hair fiber is not healthy to resist the mechanical process of straightening. In those cases, you should rely on the Osmium Flex SOS Advanced immediately, in the moment of the chemical procedure. The acid pH neutralizes the residual alkaline agents restoring the natural flexibility and returning the vitality of the hair.

Can I use another shampoo for the straightening? No. The Indicator Shampoo is responsible for identifying the presence of residues of relaxation cream on the hair. Not rinsing the hair properly might cause breakage, chemical cutting and dryness.