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Immediate recovery of the color. Moisturizing and mattifying blonde hair. BUY

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Violet Line with Seaweeds Active Complex

  • Source of minerals and amino acids.
  • It enhances the tone of platinum hair.
  • Promotes moisturizing, nourishment and intense glow to the hair.
  • Preserves the luminous blonde, free of the unwanted shades.
  • Softness and protection of the hair fiber.

Frequent Questions

When to use the Violet Line Nutra Color? The use should be daily or weekly.

Does the Violet Line Nutra Color dry out the hair? No, it promotes nourishing and luster to the hair, due to its high hydrating power with Seaweeds Active Complex, source of minerals and amino acids.

Does the Violet Mask Nutra Color leave the hair with a grayish/greenish shade? No. The amount of pigment of this mask is stabilized; therefore, it does not leave excess of pigmentation on the hair strands.