nutrahair moisturizing shock3 omega nourishment

Anti-damages reconstruction and shield for chemically treated hair. BUY

shock3 nutrahair omega treatment

Nourishing treatment with instant result

  • Nourishing regeneration.
  • Deep reconstruction.
  • Instant result in only 3 minutes.
  • Antiaging action.
  • Intense shine

Frequent Questions

I used the Nourishing Regenerator Shock3 Omega and my hair beacme oily. Is it normal? The Nourishing Regenerator Shock3 Omega has as actives the Argan Oil and Omega 3 and 6. It is a treatment product and if it is used more often or in thin hair, it might cause this aspect, due to its high nutrition power.

My Shock3 Shampoo is over, can I continue the treatment using another shampoo of the Nutra Hair family? Yes. As long as you use a gentle cleansing shampoo (e.g. Kaiken). However, using the full line will enhance the result.

Can I use the line Shock3 daily? No. For daily use, we suggest an oi-free line. e.g.: Kaiken.

What is the difference between Shock3 Argan and Shock3 Omega? The Shock3 Omega is a plus version of the traditional Shock3, being destined mainly for dried out and extra dry hair treatments. The differential is the high concentration of Omega 3 and 6 that provide an anti-damages shield effect, due to the antioxidant action.