nutrahair pro repair argan oil

Immediate repair in one single application. BUY

argan prorepair nutrahair treatment

Several benefits in one single product

  • Hydrating, nourishing and antioxidant action.
  • Shine and silkiness.
  • Light formula with quick absorption, it can be used in all types of hair.
  • Repair of split ends and anti-frizz action.

Frequent Questions

Is the Argan Oil a leave-on product? When used as a finishing product or pre-hair-blow, yes. But you can use it also by adding it to your preference mask to enhance the hydrations.

Can the Argan Oil be used as an ends repairer? Yes. The Argan Oil can be used on daily basis, in a small amount, only on the ends, to avoid the formation of split ends.

Can I mix the Argan Oil in the hair dye? Yes. It can be used in the mix of the hair dye or bleach to minimize the oxidation damages.