osmium sodium relaxer straightening smoothing

Relaxation and hair straightening with Sodium Hydroxide. BUY

osmium sodium nutrahair straightening

Relaxation with natural aspect

  • Definitive and quick effect.
  • Creamy base with easy application.
  • Straight, natural and healthy hair
  • It can be used in wavy, voluminous or kinky hair.

Frequent Questions

How does the Sodium hydroxide act in the hair? The Sodium Hydroxide, as well as other compounds of hair relaxation products, acts in the hair cortex, where the breakage of the cystine happens. The main difference between the Sodium hydroxide and other chemical procedures lays in its oxidation potential, for that reason, it breaks the bonds relatively easier in less time.

Can I apply the Sodium Straightening Cream to all hair types? No. The Sodium Straightening Cream should be applied to natural, wavy or kinky hair. Do not use in hair with highlights, bleached or chemically treated with hené-base, henna-base, thioglycolate ammonium-base products and hair dyes. Important: Before the application, the strand test is mandatory, and it must be done on the superior area of the head or in the most sensitized area.

Is the Sodium Hydroxide compatible with the Calcium Hydroxide? No. The actives are not compatible and they might cause the chemical cut.

Can I replace the Strength Regulator by a hydrating cream? No. The Strength Regulator Cream has a specific formulation to control the strength of the Sodium Straightening Cream and its replacement by other product might interfere with the straightening result.