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Relaxation and hair straightening with Guanidine Hydroxide. BUY

osmium calcium nutrahair straightening

Relaxation with natural aspect

  • Provides from a mild relaxation until the complete straightening of the hair.
  • Soft and light hair, with a natural result.
  • It can be used in wavy, voluminous or kinky hair.
  • Practicality and safety during the application.

Frequent Questions

Can I apply the Calcium Relaxing Cream directly to the root? No, the application should be made respecting the distance of 0.5 cm of the scalp, not to provoke irritations.

How long does the relaxation last in the hair? The durability of the relaxation is directly related to the hair growth (roots). The part that underwent the relaxation will have its structure modified permanently and the retouch should be made only on the hair that grew.

How long do I have to wait for the retouch? The retouch of the relaxation should be made only on the part of the hair that have not been processed yet. For that, it is necessary to wait a growth of at least 3 cm of hair, which usually happens within 3 months.

Can I use hair dye or make highlight after relaxation? The ammonia, present in the hair day and bleaching, it is not compatible with the Calcium Hydroxide. Therefore, who already uses relaxation should use only Semi-permanent hair dyes.

Can I perform a straightening procedure after the relaxation with Calcium Hydroxide? Yes. However, it is not possible to return to the Calcium Relaxation after the straightening procedure.