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Semi-permanent hair dye Nutra Color: the perfect color for you! BUY

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Semi-permanent hair dye ammonia free

  • Soft Formula with Hydrolyzed Protein and Hazelnut Oil.
  • Excellent coloring results and coverage.
  • Shine and emollience.
  • High concentration of pigments.

Frequent Questions

What is the correct proportion of the mix? 1 measurement of Toning for 2 of Revealing Emulsion. (e.g. 60g of Toning for 120ml of Emulsion.)

Can those who had a Brazilian Straightening procedure done use the Semi-permanent hair dye? Yes. As long as it is respected the minimum interval of 15 days between the procedures.

What is the predominant pigment in the Nutra Color Hair Toning? Violet.

Can those who had a relaxation procedure done use the Nutra Color Hair Toning? Yes. The Nutra Color Hair Toning has ammonia and it is compatible with Hydroxides. However, it is essential to perform the strand test to check the health of the hair before application.

Does the Nutra Color Hair Toning cover the white hair? No. For the white hair coverage, a mix of the hair dye (fundamental color + highlight) in proportions suitable to the amount of white hair.